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Delirium Bound - Delirium, Dissonance And Death

CD / Album
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Delirium, Dissonance and Death. The title of this album describes its contents. These Norwegians have turned loose 9 tracks bursting with inner turmoil and contempt. The substance keeping these jarring riffs together is as devious as it is dark, making every track stand out while relentlessly raging forward. With lyrics covering patricide, god-faced dogs, panic attacks and corpse eating, this is a merciless thrashing onslaught pulled from the darkest pits of our psyche.

Delirium Bound is Kim Sølve (Swarms, -M-, K100, TKDS/Trine + Kim design studio) on guitars and bass, and Bjeima (Yurei, The Ghost Conspiracy, Alfa Obscura, Swarms) on drums and vocals. Featuring guest vocals from Mannevond (Koldbrann, Urgehal). Recorded and mixed by Petter Berntsen (bass player of Swarms, -M-, ex-Virus/Ved Buens Ende, Audiopain).

Stripping it down to basic elements, Delirium Bound is a distorted basement beast pounding out a delirious assault of discordant Metal unfit for any contemporary categorization.

Format CD / Album
Genre(s) trash metal, black metal, filthy metal
Label Adversum
Catalogue No. AV002
Release Date 01/01/2010
Country Norway
  • 01. Panic (04:39)
  • 02. Coronated In Accidents (02:45)
  • 03. God-Faced Dogs (01:52)
  • 04. Delirium Bound (03:03)
  • 05. Zippermouth (03:01)
  • 06. Chiseled From Darkness (04:09)
  • 07. Death Kings (04:05)
  • 08. The Ominous One (03:01)
  • 09. Knifepoint Departure (05:10)

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