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Körperwelten - Avatars Of Rape And Rage (CD digipack)

CD / Album
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Having started the process way back in 2002, this collaborative project between Swedish powerhouse Nordvargr and US apocalyptic industrialists Navicon Torture Technologies finally sees the light (so to speak) in 2008, having been re-worked and re-structured as a perilous 40 minute plunge into a black hole of sound. Waves of grim, doom filled atmospheric sludge crossbred with buzzing black drones, grinding distortion, and a seething underbelly of rhythmic pulsations, ultimately delivering everything you might expect from these two giants of the industrial scene. In 6 panel digipak, with extreme and controversial, Jonathan Canady designed artwork sure to be banned if it falls into the wrong hands.

Format CD / Album
Genre(s) noise, power electronics, dark ambient
Label Malignant Records
Catalogue No. TumorCD36
Release Date 01/09/2008
Country Sweden / USA

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