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Ulver - Live At Roadburn (black vinyl)

Vinyl / LP
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Live at Roadburn – Eulogy for the Late Sixties

Ulver's concert capture from last year's psychedelic rock bonanza at seminal Dutch Roadburn Festival now available.

Norwegian legends Ulver have continually evolved over the years. By blending rock, electronic, industrial and symphonic traditions along with ambient and experimental sounds, the band has created truly groundbreaking material.

Last year they released an almost straightforward collection of classic psychedelia with Childhood's End. The album was highly praised by prestigious magazines such as Rolling Stone, Mojo and Classic Rock.

Ulver performed ten songs from said album for the first and only time live at Roadburn April 12, 2012. Their "1967" performance was later mixed by the band and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano in London.

"This was our pre-release party for the commemorative album Childhood’s End, which we had just sewn up when we received the invitation from Roadburn. A one-shot psychedelic blowout or perhaps some sort of karaoke for our vestigial veterans; felt quite invigorating after the doom and gloom of the last few years. We gathered the guys who were involved in the album sessions and rehearsed the songs a couple of days before travelling to Tilburg. Not in total control, but that’s the spirit. Haywire lycanthropy."

Format Vinyl / LP
Genre(s) psychedelic, rock
Label Roadburn
Catalogue No. RBR027
Release Date 01/04/2013
Country Norway

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