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Grimrik - Die Mauern der Nacht (red vinyl)

Vinyl / LP
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Rooted in Black Metal, Grimrik (Berlin, Germany) bends its side genre "Dungeon Synth" to the max and delivers an atmospheric journey across time and space, perfectly integrating various influences like Berlin School, Synthwave & Dark Ambient. This album is to be considered as a whole otherworldly trip, constantly climbing towards an unexpected climax and leaving you behind in a state of relaxation and enlightenment.

Deluxe Vinyl edition in a heavy cardboard sleeve with partial glossy print.

Limited edition of 100 copies pressed on red vinyl. Black vinyl remains unlimited untill September 20th.

Format Vinyl / LP
Genre(s) synth, dungeon synth, synthwave
Label Neuropa Records
Catalogue No. NRP83
Release Date 28/12/2017
Country Germany
  • A1. Im Nebel (04:35)
  • A2. Teleportiert (Exposition) (01:57)
  • A3. Durch das schwarze Loch (00:55)
  • A4. Teleportiert (Reprise) (04:57)
  • A5. Ankunft (02:44)
  • A6. Der erste Kontakt (04:51)
  • B1. Vor dem Sprung (04:28)
  • B2. Im freien Fall (album version) (06:50)
  • B3. Die magische Leere (01:23)
  • B4. Vorsichtige Schritte (02:33)
  • B5. Letzte Zweifel (03:18)
  • B6. Erkenntnis (01:21)
  • B7. Erlösung (04:05)

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